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OT/IT and Quality Advisers to the Life Science Industry

Global OT/IT Quality Services Inc. was formed by a network of highly experienced life science operations professionals, with a focus on quality, who have helped shape the supply chain of the industry over the past 30 years.

Because these professionals have not only developed and implemented OT/IT solutions, they were also living with the solutions and therefore bring unmatched knowledge, skills and lessons learned to any engagement.  

Our goal is to help our clients by providing quality consultative services to enhance products, processes and systems, to help them meet and exceed, their stakeholder’s expectations.

Whether you are looking to start and commission a new pharma or biotech facility or decommission one, Global OT/IT Quality Services has the experienced, "Lessons Learned" resources with the knowledge in all the key areas that will provide you good execution and value.

Chemical Manufacturing

We are OT/IT and Quality Consultants for Manufacturing & The Supply Chain

Global OT/IT Quality Services Inc.  is a leading adviser for business, project management, quality and compliance solutions. We specialize in Manufacturing IT & Automation, Supply Chain and Laboratory systems. Global OT/IT Quality Services Inc. operates globally in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical Devices, Cosmetics and Biotechnology fields.

Our advisers and technical professionals  have all worked for life science companies for decades who are capable of providing sound realistic advice and support to our customers. We ensure the meeting of real quantitative and quality objectives by instituting and strengthening your quality culture. We’ll help establish an organization and processes that ensure compliance with pharmaceutical ethics, standards and principles.

We help organizations develop strong OT/IT business cases built on empirical data, sound assumptions and realistic plans that get management attention.

The Connected OT/IT Supply Chain

There has been a lot of discussion around the convergence of OT and IT plus the influence regarding this in recent years by the iiOT (Industrial Internet of Things). This convergence has given companies more timely information to better run their business and implement their business strategies. For these integrated systems, in what we call the Connected OT/IT Supply Chain to perform optimally, it is important for OT and IT practitioners to understand each other’s area of expertise to work together effectively. Click on Connected OT/IT Supply Chain for further information.

You can also see this interesting article from ISA's InTech Magazine:

Why is it important for our experts to understand both OT (Operations Technology) and IT (Information Technology)? Let’s look at the implementation of MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems). MES involves the integration of plant floor systems like PLC’s (Programmable Logic Controllers) and DCS (Distributed Control Systems) on one side and ERP on the other side. PLC’s and DCS are considered Operations Technology while ERP falls under Information Technology. The design of well architected MES systems require intimate knowledge of business processes underlying control systems and ERP to ensure sustainability and adaption to future business needs. A good deal of our experience has been with MES and MES has been successful when there is a well-integrated project team including both operations and IT technology resources. Ideally the leader of the team comes to the project with both OT and IT experience.

Another example requiring knowledge of both worlds is the area of Cyber Security. Implementing Cyber Security for OT differs significantly from IT, owing to the differences in communication, data management, and infrastructure technologies that underlie each.
Global OT/IT Quality Services has experience in both OT and IT, along with insuring quality and compliance within these systems with regards to industry regulations and data integrity. Global OT/IT Quality Services can be an effective partner in bridging the gap that is often present between OT and IT. We can help improve a company’s supply chain by improving the integration and performance of systems in what we call the Connected OT/IT Supply Chain. We suggest starting with an OT/IT Health-Check, an exclusive offering by Global OT/IT Quality Services. Click on OT/IT Health-Check for a summary of this offering.

Operational Excellence

Whether you are looking to commission and start a new pharma or biotech facility or decommission one, Global OT/IT Quality Services has the experienced, "Lessons Learned" resources with the knowledge in all the key areas that will provide you good execution and value.

Our Operational Excellence Practice

We have decades of extensive start up, turnaround, closure and international experience in the pharmaceutical/health care Rx/Gx/OTC industries.

We have accomplished advisors who are adept in improving key operating performance (in both union and non-union environments) by developing the organization and executing business process re-engineering and optimization initiatives. 

 These advisors have proven skills in Organizational Restructuring, Lean, Operational Excellence, Quality Remediation, Plant Startup and Shutdown.


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About Us

Based in the Princeton Area,  Global OT/IT Quality Services Inc. is a business consultant for operations technology and information technology for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical devices industries. 

Our two managing partners, Robert Groff and Richard Lemire, who each have over 30 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Let us bring our expertise to develop a plan that will improve the efficiency of your company's manufacturing systems.

Mission Statement

Provide on-shore value, high quality consulting services to help manufacturing organizations optimize and improve the quality and efficiency of operations by implementing and integrating operations technologies (OT) and information technologies (IT).

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Members of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE)

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